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"Your" Showcase Gallery

This gallery is your “place on the Web” to show off what you have created using our designs.  Send your name, a brief description, and images as an attachment to your e-mail to

“I thought I'd write you and tell you that I made the vest from the Designs Magazine.  I just finished and have it up at our store (AAA Vacuum and Sewing in Cupertino CA).  I'm attaching a picture of the front and back.  It sure was a long job but I'm very happy with the end result.  My husband is holding the vest for me to take the picture.  He is so proud of it also.  I've used the Tiny Gardens CD and made 4 shirts also.  I'm having so much fun.  Thanks again.”

Sue Moore

“I fell in love with Cindy's Oriental Reflections Design Book.  I combined four designs and enlarged them on a copier and the total scene is 23X55. I added some of my own personality to the pictures by having a theme run through, whereby the oriental girl has been out for a walk to enjoy the scenery and is on her way home up the mountain path. This project took me many hours and several weeks to complete. I had it mounted on a frame an it hangs in my foyer  It is a conversation piece when people come for a visit. Thank you.”

Betty Conner

“It was fun to do the lace painting.  The hardest part was applying the lace to the sweater.  Since the lace is not on the bias I had to snip 3 loops in the center of the neck area and then the collar laid beautifully The entire application was done by hand and then the tip of each leaf and the last grape had to be tacked down.”

Betty Conner

“This project was a real challenge to say the least.  Took a few months.  I spent over a month trying to find fabrics that I wanted.  I used the Garden Delights CD for the designs.  Some of them I edited to fit the vest layout.  I have gotten several favorable comments on it.  The ladies at the quilting shop couldn't get over it, and have since ordered a subscription to the Design Embroidery magazine.  This was challenging and a lot of fun.  Well worth the time spent.”

Shirley Atry

“Here are some photos of the vest I created using designs from the Secluded Serenity booklet.  In August and September of 2003 I took a course at our local fabric store where our teacher, Jean Kidd, guided us through the process of creating our own vest using one of Cindy's books.  The entire process was both stimulating and rewarding and equal to any three credit college course!  Thanks Cindy for providing the designs for us to trigger our own imaginations.”

Lois Myers

“Just thought I would send you a picture of my finished project which I made as a Christmas gift for my uncle.  I made the scene from Winter Solstice and stitched it with green Moire to make a decorator pillow for his living room.  I am please with it and feel sure that he will be too...”

Carole Diehl

Diane Coates created this lovely pillow with one of the scenes from Pocket Panache.

Diane's collar and doily were created in customizing using designs from Tiny Gardens.  I did the collar by scanning in the collar, then digitizing the outline. I brought the outline into Customizing and then I had a perfect outline of where to place my embroideries.  [The above three items were created by Diana.]

Diana Cedolia

A note about Diana...
Diana is a renowned Viking educator.  She is known for her fun and informative computer software classes as well as her innovative serging workshops.  Diana has lived in Palm Harbor, Florida with her husband Patrick for 27 years...she was born and educated in England...I just love to listen to her talk!  Her creations have won many prizes at a national level.  If you get a chance to take one of her classes at a local store, you will be sure to come away enlightened and pleased.  ~Cindy

“I have had a lot of fun using the ideas in the Secluded Serenity book and putting them together to make a vest. I'm not much into wall hangings but prefer wearable art.”

Barb Boston

“This was a real project, but I learned so much & had a lot of fun making it.”

Shirley Allen
This vest features Oriental Reflections.


“I'm new to machine embroidery, just got my Designer I for Christmas.  This was my first attempt at a wall hanging (finished dimensions 14 x 20).  I fell in love with your Under Sea Fantasy - you have truly captured the feel of the reef with your images.  It made me want to grab my SCUBA gear and head south!  I added one component (the hammerhead) which wasn't your design though.  Your book was extremely informative (especially the list of materials needed) and easy to understand, even for a novice like me.  Adding the tulle overlay really gave it a three dimension quality.  However, I still have to get my nerve up to try the upside-down stitching!

I just purchased your Winter Solstice, so I'm on to the next project.  Thank you for all your beautiful designs - I can't wait to see what you create next.”

Robin Benjamin

My name is Marie from Paragould, AR. I bought the Crochet Ladies [and made] the doily with the four lady's. I am doing them in all colors and going to put them in a quilt for my 4 year old granddaughter, Jessica.