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Crocheted Laces & Edgings for Multi-brand Machines

I have been in love with creating the antique look with our fabulous computer machines since 1992.  Recreating the past with the technology of the present is at the least, exciting!  So many of us have full time jobs and all the responsibilities at home as well...being able to recreate the antiques our mothers and grandmothers is not an option with all the time consuming hand work that the originals require.  Now, using the wonderful products available to us today, we can create things just as beautiful in much less time.  With this book, learn to use heavy weight thread, heavy stabilizers, and decorative stitches to recreate the look of hand crocheted lace edges and even an insertion or two.  Add one of the beautiful embroideries in the corners of your piece and you have a new “antique”!  I just know that you will love creating with the designs and methods in these books.

If you love Antique Embroideries...
    Remember this...

Each one of the books has completely different embroideries. Whether you own that particular brand of machine or not you can use the embroideries on your machine.  

There are no duplications in the designs.  And remember too...all of my embroidery files are in all formats! So if you just love the embroideries in the Brother book but you have a Pfaff, you can use the embroideries!   

Just know that the edgings that are created with the decorative stitches are specifically designed for the individual machines.  These instructions do not cross over between brands.

The only things you can use from the books would be the embroidery designs.

Be sure to check out the design pages to see which ones YOU love! 

Happy Stitching!