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Here’s My Story About the Glitter Sticks…

A friend (Gay Gerlack) gave me a tube of these at an event where we both had a booth.  I thought, oh they are so pretty but I’m not really sure I want to use squirt on paint.  I’m sure some of you remember back in the eighties, (am I really saying that?...back in the eighties?...wasn’t that just last week?) there was the painting shirts craze using the bottles of tube paint.  Well, very few people were happy with that because the paint dried and flaked off after a little while.  So when I saw these, that’s what came to mind.  No…not going down that road again…not this girl.

So, I took the tube thinking I would try it someday.  Well!  On Thursday evening, there was a late class and I hung around at my booth and decided to try silk screening a pair of jeans and then adding some of the liquid glitter.  I put it on, and it takes about 24 hours to dry, so I put a fan on it and went home(that means back to my hotel room when we’re on the road).  We came in the next morning and WOW!  It was gorgeous!  Just like I had added the hot fix crystals!  Everyone who saw it ran over to Gay’s booth and bought some…she sold out very quickly.

I put the jeans away and didn’t think too much about it because I was still worried about how they would do over time of being washed and worn.  The next show I saw Gay at…she had more of the Glitter Sticks so I set out my sample of the jeans.  Her booth was across the aisle from mine and one of the days I noticed a lady in a yellow shirt with beautiful glittery flowers all around her shoulders.  Of course I had to stop and ask her about it.  She said she had gotten the Glitter Sticks from Gay a couple of years before and had done the shirt.  She told me she had washed it and dried it and it was still great!  Okay…I was sold!  After that example and testimonial, I decided I would carry them in my booth too.

I did up a couple more samples and used them in their dimensional form and then one day…


WOW!!!  It was AWESOME!  You just can’t believe how beautiful this makes the silkscreens.  First I just used it on the butterflies, the fish, the hummingbirds…things like that.  Then I started using it on flowers, vines and everything else.  It has been the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.  People just love it!  And of course…I do too!  smiley

Well, then the day came…I called up to place an order and my rep told me that they were being discontinued.  “OH NO!!!  How could you do that????  Don’t you know how beautiful they are?”

So I ordered what they had and proceeded to write a letter to the company and I sent it to them.  I didn’t hear anything so I was in the grieving process (not really…just really disappointed I wasn’t going to be able to show people how beautiful they were).  So when Ronnie and I did all the videos last November, we didn’t do one for the Glitter Sticks.

We sold all of what we had and then I thought I would call and ask if they had any leftover stock of any color…I got Tammy on the phone (my rep) and asked her and she said, “Well, what color did you want?”  What??? I thought they were discontinued?  She said that after my letter, they decided not to discontinue them.  You’re kidding!  Of course I was thrilled!!!  But could someone tell me???  Please!!! So I ordered a whole bunch and now we’re in business again!  smiley

So we will have to get a video filmed for you so I can show you how they work.  But they are really cool and I know you will love them!